How do I get in?

If you want to log into the Swiss Grid, you first need a so-called viewer.

B. the Firestorm. Download here:

Firestorm Viewer für Opensim

Download ---> then install ----> then open

In the example here, the so-called “Phoenix mode” was selected in the viewer. But it works the same in any other mode; don't let the viewer version irritate you either. The login to the Swiss grid also works the same way with every new version.

It is important that you only download the version for the Opensim (OS). Inworld problems can occur with combination viewers for SL and OS.


Registration steps according to the picture:

1 Click Viewer in the menu above, then Settings,

2 Click on the OpenSim tab

3 Enter the following address in the field: (copy & paste)

4 Click Apply

5 Click OK

6 Enter your user name (user name that is exactly the same as the login name on the Swissgrid homepage!)

7 Enter your password (password exactly the same as the login name on the Swissgrid homepage!)

8 Select Swiss Grid (now you should see the background image as shown above - then you are correct)

Now click the login button (9) and your new avatar will automatically be taken to the welcome region.

A little hint: the @ (and gridname) after the username is automatically generated by the viewer.

You only need to enter your username there.

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